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    Gift Card

    The STEFANEL Gift Card can be charged with any amount you desire between €5 and € 10,000.

    It is valid for 12 months from its date of activation (i.e., the day it is purchased).

    It cannot be topped up. Any remaining credit can be transferred free of charge onto a new STEFANEL Gift Card if the request is made before the gift card expires.

    You can ask to check the remaining balance and expiry date of your STEFANEL Gift Card at any time at participating Stefanel shops.

    The remaining balance is printed on till receipts issued when you purchase items using your STEFANEL Gift Card.

    It can be used in official STEFANEL stores only (corners are excluded)

    It cannot be used to make online purchases.

    It cannot be used in conjunction with any promotions.

    It is in bearer form and is equivalent to cash. Gift cards cannot be blocked, refunded or replaced in the event of loss, theft or damage (e.g. illegible barcode and/or number code).