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    Be you

    Chapter #6 - Daria

    Love, freedom, smiles. The warmth of the sun on the skin.
    Summer is this and even more.

    Walking around the city, getting lost in its streets.
    Sipping a cold drink with friends.

    Bermuda in lino Rosa

    Linen Bermuda shorts

    € 80,00

    Linen shirt with short sleeves Pink

    Linen shirt with short sleeves

    € 80,00

    T-shirt in cotone e modal con stampa Bianco

    Modal and cotton T-shirt with print

    € 60,00

    Shoulder bag with design Beige

    Shoulder bag with design

    € 70,00

    Blouse with puff sleeves White

    Blouse with puff sleeves

    € 80,00

    Wearing bright clothes. Blooming like a flower.
    Looking at myself with fresh eyes. Feeling different, more beautiful.

    This is Daria's summer.
    What's yours?

    Striped midi skirt with sash Multicolor

    Striped midi skirt with sash

    € 100,00

    Oversized shirt with pocket Light Blue

    Oversized shirt with pocket

    € 80,00

    Straw hat with ribbon White

    Straw hat with ribbon

    € 75,00

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    Be You

    Be You

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