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Be you

Chapter #4 - Marianne

The reflection of the sky in the sea,
the feeling of sand on the skin.

All the nuances of water and nature.
The nostalgia of a summer long gone.

Giacca doppiopetto senza maniche Beige

Double-breasted sleeveless jacket

€ 130,00

Mantel aus Leinen Beige

Linen coat

€ 275,00

Flare Fit Jeans Denim

Flare-fit jeans

€ 85,00

Silk and cotton cardigan Black

Silk and cotton cardigan

€ 75,00

Vivid, intense images, destined to remain
forever etched in your mind.

These are Marianne's memories.
What are yours?

Gilet con bottoni Beige

Waistcoat with buttons

€ 89,00

Ramie shirt Yellow

Ramie shirt

€ 110,00

Palazzo trousers Beige

Palazzo trousers

€ 130,00

Ramie shirt Yellow

Ramie shirt

€ 110,00

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Be You

Be You

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Be You