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    Summer Synesthesia

    Spring Summer 23

    Between folk suggestions and sophisticated romanticism.

    Discover the Campaign

    A minimal synthesis of evocative elements.

    The abstract purity of the Mediterranean summer landscape, rendered by the colored backdrops, interacts with the multi-sensory suggestions transferred to clothing and bodies.
    The campaign for the Spring Summer 23 collection is a hymn to the authenticity of Stefanel creations and to the brand's search for an intense, intimate and personal connection between the garment and the person who wears it.

    Sleeveless blazer mélange micro structure Grey

    Sleeveless blazer mélange micro structure

    € 120,00

    Wide-leg trousers Grey

    Wide-leg trousers

    € 120,00

    Pleated midi skirt with lurex Grey

    Pleated midi skirt with lurex

    € 110,00

    Tank top with lurex Grey

    Tank top with lurex

    € 65,00

    The collection rediscovers the soft shapes of jersey dresses and the preciousness of material combinations and interventions on garments such as applications, embroideries and prints. Two souls coexist in it: one elegant but effortless, the other boho chic.