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Terms of use

These general conditions govern access to the e-commerce check-out of the website (hereinafter “the Site”) and the use of the services and contents available on the Site (including, by way of example only: images, software, texts, trade marks and logos, colour combinations, structures and designs).

Anyone who accesses and/or uses the Site becomes a “User” and thereby accepts, as from the time of the first access or use, these conditions, which apply independently of the General Conditions of Sale governing any purchases of products listed in the online catalogue of the Site.
Failure to accept these Conditions precludes all further access to or use of the contents or services available on the Site.
The Conditions in force were last updated on 30 August 2015.



Access to the site is open and free of charge.

All browsing of the ‘’ site is subject to acceptance by the person accessing it of the conditions hereinafter set out; if that person does not accept these conditions, he is requested not to use the ‘’ site and not to download any material therefrom. Browsing on the ‘’ site is completely free of charge, access to the Portal is open to anyone and registration on the Site is optional. The site is managed by Triboo Digitale, registered office at Viale Sarca 336 - 20126 - Milano (Italy), tax reference 02912880966, registration number on Milano Business Register 1901658.

The User confirms that he accepts the Site “as is”. Triboo Digitale S.r.l. is not liable for any losses, whether direct or indirect, that may arise from use of the Site. The Site and its contents may be altered or replaced without prior notice.

The contents of all pages on the ‘’ site are protected by copyright, belonging to Stefanel S.p.A.. All rights are reserved and the content is accordingly protected and safeguarded by national and international law.

The ‘Stefanel’ brand name, all trade marks whether representational or otherwise, and more generally all marks, illustrations, images and logos on ‘Stefanel’ products or any accessories or packaging of such products, whether registered or not, are and remain the sole property of Stefanel S.p.A..

Reproduction, whether in whole or in part, alteration or use of these marks, illustrations, images and logos, for whatever reason and using whatever equipment, without the prior express agreement of Stefanel S.p.A., is absolutely prohibited. It is further prohibited to combine these marks with other marks, symbols, logos or in general distinctive signs of any kind in such a way as to constitute a composite logo.

It is further absolutely prohibited to reproduce, in whole or in part, alter or use any designs, models and patents which are the sole property of Stefanel S.p.A.

Any information and/or request may be sent to: or

In no circumstances is Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. liable for any loss, whether direct or indirect, arising from use of the information contained on the ‘’ site. Information on that Site may be technically incorrect or contain typographical errors. Information contained on the ‘’ site may be altered or updated at any time without prior notice. Particular sections of the ‘’ site may be improved, altered or removed at any time without prior notice.

Furthermore, Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. accepts no liability for any use that may be made of the material contained on the Site: Users are solely and fully responsible for any losses that may arise from the use of the Site or other connected sites, and hold Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. harmless for any losses whether direct or indirect.

Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. accepts no liability for any difficulties in accessing the site or for any break in the connection, and cannot be held liable for any damage, including infection by computer viruses, which the equipment of visitors to the Site may suffer by reason of access to or connection with the Site or the downloading of its content.

By browsing on the Site the User expressly accepts the above conditions.



All data sent by the User in the course of accessing or using the Site shall be processed in accordance with the rules of “Protection of Online Privacy”, which may be viewed on the Privacy Policy page, and the User hereby accepts and adopts those rules.



The User undertakes not to transmit, distribute, send, communicate or record information or other material:

  • which is protected by copyright or discloses trade secrets;
  • which is obscene, defamatory, threatening, unpleasant, offensive, scandalous or sexually explicit;
  • unsolicited messages, advertisements, invitations to purchase, surveys or chain letters;
  • which contain viruses, Trojans, worms, time bombs or other components calculated to damage, intercept or make improper use of the data, information, hardware or software of Triboo Digitale S.r.l., connected bodies or third parties.

The User further promises not to:

  • register as a customer supplying intentionally false or incomplete information;
  • allow others to use his user name or password, once these are registered;
  • remove or alter material or other information of other users or of Triboo Digitale S.r.l.;
  • collect or otherwise obtain information about third parties, including email addresses, without the express consent of the owner;
  • access data on the Site which is protected or which he is not authorised to view or do anything to harm the system or security arrangements of the Site;
  • act in such a way as to bring about an unreasonable or disproportionate overload of the hardware or software of the Site, for example by “flooding”, “spamming”, “mailbombing” or “crashing”;
  • use appliances, software programs or other devices for the purpose of compromising or attempting to compromise the normal working of the Site or attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble or decode the software forming part of the Site;
  • use or attempt to use engines, software programs, instruments, agents or other mechanisms (such as spiders, bots etc.) allowing browsing or searching of the contents of the Site other than by means of the search engines provided by that Site.

Any conduct which is unlawful or in breach of the above provisions shall be prosecuted in accordance with law in the appropriate courts.



All copyrights relating to the contents of the Site (including but not limited to text, graphics, photographs, images, user interface) as well as the selection, coordination and organisation of these materials are owned by Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S., connected bodies or any third party licensees. No statement which may be contained on the Site has the effect of conferring a licence or industrial property rights over any copyright belonging to Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S., Triboo Digitale S.r.l. or third parties.

The contents of the Site are solely for the use of Users and Customers of the Site; unauthorised commercial use of those contents is prohibited.

The User may freely view the contents of the Site, print them, copy them or save them on the hard drive of his computer or other hardware device, on his own responsibility and solely for his personal and private use, subject to the legislation in force on the protection of copyright.

All rights in relation to the trade marks, product names, trade names, logos, packaging and design of any products or services of Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. and/or Triboo Digitale S.r.l., connected bodies or third parties, whether in the form of text or of symbols or brands, belong solely to the legal owners of those rights, in accordance with the relevant international agreements and legislation in force. Any use that may infringe any such rights is expressly prohibited.



The Site may contain hypertext links to other websites. Triboo Digitale S.r.l. and/or Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. accept no liability for any content or services offered by third parties, and do not guarantee the technical availability, reliability or legality of any material or information contained on connected internet sites.

Similarly, any link that may be included does not imply any kind of association, amalgamation or participation between Triboo Digitale S.r.l. and/or Stefanel on the one hand and the owners or contents of the linked websites on the other.



A “cookie” (that is to say, a small data file which some Internet sites, when visited, may send to the address of the visitor) may be used by the ‘’ site for the purpose of tracking the path of a visitor to that site. If a visitor to the ‘’ site prefers not to receive cookies, he may program his browser to inform him of the presence of cookies, thus allowing the visitor to decide whether or not to accept them. It is even possible to refuse all cookies automatically by activating the appropriate option in the browser.



Triboo Digitale S.r.l. and/or Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. reserve the right to change these general conditions of access and use without prior notice. Any such changes shall have immediate effect when first published on the site, and shall remain in force until any further changes.



All relations between Triboo Digitale S.r.l., Stefanel S.p.A. in A.S. and the User are governed by Italian law.