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Welcome to the Stefanel world!

Franchising is a successful distribution channel with a great growth potential.
For more than 30 years Stefanel has been working successfully on the retail market, offering a modern and sophisticated franchising towards a common goal: success. To enter the Stefanel world there are no entry fees. You just need a store located in the main shopping streets of the major cities centers or in the major malls with a surface area of at least 80 sq.m and a suitable front window.

We offer 4 collections during the year, divided in 12 stories coming to the stores every 3 weeks, and seasonal flash collections to renew the product offer and increase the lure of our final customer for Stefanel products. Every Stefanel partner becomes part of the company and will always be heard, helped and advised, feeling part of the Stefanel world and history.


Location analysis

Support and consulting for the choice and evaluation of the location, investments planning.

Store Design

Team working with our architects to plan the layout for a modern and functional concept store, able to move the final consumer, while keeping the displaying functional.

Visual Merchandising guidelines

  • Dedicated on-line access for all the franchisees for display guidelines and shopping windows renewal
  • Shopping windows materials (pop) and seasonal guidelines for products
  • In store walk-through

Sales assistance & product training

  • Assistance in doing the collection orders
  • Quantity and product mixture planning
  • Edi connection
  • Support for the store opening and during the season
  • Product, visual and selling strategy training
  • Goods re-order during the season with a direct connection to the company warehouse thanks to a b2b system
  • Shopping bags and sales supporting materials availability
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) marketing management in store
  • Trade marketing planning and assistance

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